Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Hi! Welcome to Re-Active.

We buy and sell excellent condition preloved activewear, athleisurewear, some street style brands, and fitness and camping gear.

We aim to provide you with everything you need for living that sporty, active, outdoor lifestyle — without the environmental impact of purchasing new.


We responsibly rehome the fitness items in your closet that you no longer reach for.

By keeping these items in circulation, you’re supporting a circular economy, ensuring nothing goes to waste, and respecting our planet while still getting your shop on. A+!



Re-Active is a REACTION (see what we did there?) to the ongoing climate crisis and the lack of availability of secondhand activewear. 

There are plenty of secondhand shops catering toward vintage, designer fashion, baby and maternity — but what about the industry where the clothes are made almost entirely out of plastic? 

The fitness industry has romanced all of us at some point via school sports, family fun runs, the comfort appeal of yoga pants, the New Year New You Trap, et al. There is, quite literally, tonnes of activewear out there, sitting unused in closets around the world, collecting dust. Let’s get them back in circulation and keep them out of landfill! Let’s start with Melbourne. 

You in? Let’s do this!